We are a team of professionals who have already proved their name as a trusted and respected international TV content provider that can offer both a wide range of diversified content with an exceptional high quality, variety of genres and a flexible approach to our customers and their special demands.

Our international team works hand-in-hand with some of the world’s largest broadcasters, advertisers, production companies keeping our finger on the pulse of the best video content trends and tendencies to be offered to our clients in time and on demand.

Let’s Open New Media Horizons Together and Increase Your Audience with Our Spectacular Zingy Content

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We are a client-focused distribution firm dedicated to making sure you get the most out of our service.
If you decide to do business with us, we`ll give you all necessary consultancy concerning the content.

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We Work Worldwide

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We have been on the global media-market for over 8 years and for this time we proved our name as a trusted and reliable partner



We have professional ties all over the world covering by our service more than 150 countries globally



We are connected and make long-term deals with more than 300 companies worldwide


Varied Content

We provide a wide range of diversified content to our customers. We are also ready to make products on your personal demand: edutainments, TV-shows, documentaries, science fiction, animation, series, drama etc.



From different countries all over the world


All Kinds of Media Rights

We work with all types of rights including TV rights, Web TV, mobile, digital, outdoor, OTT, VOD, SVOD, IPTV, CCTV, Internet rights



We provide any other necessary support in adapting content to your requirements and channel’s needs: language, running time, formats, etc.


Additional Supportive Service

Technical assistance, presell issues, content search on request, expert content estimation and advice, content promotion at festivals and markets, licensing (development of licensed products), content rights purchasing


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