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We are a multi-level company, which has a diversified business model with revenue coming from video content production and distribution, media business consultancy, technical support, advertising, education and a media analytical edition. We present a wide range of exceptional programs from around the world and our own products.

Besides, we offer supporting services: technical assistance and content adaptation, media consultancy and analysis. We also create commercials and content on your demand. We will find the solution tailored specially for your business.

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About Us

Founded in 2008, MK Media Group unites professionals from the various spheres of media industry teamed by the common goal – to prove that Ukrainian video content is worth being seen everywhere in the world.
With more than 300 companies in partnership including such leading global media players as FOX, DaVinci, RAI and IFLIX, during 9 years of our existence, we have been able to earn a reputation of a reliable media partner and covered by our activity over 167 countries all around the world.
We are inviting all possible partners and clients to join our network: Media Content Distributors, IT and SVoD Platforms, TV Channels, Broadcasters, Video Productions, Film Festivals and TV Markets, Media Analytical Editions and Informational Platforms. We create a new landscape of the global media stage.
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MK-Distribution is a team of professionals who have already proved their name as a trusted and respected international TV content provider that can offer both a wide range of diversified content with an exceptional high quality, variety of genres and a flexible approach to our customers and their special demands.

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MeetMinds Studio is a team of creators specializing in production of all kinds of video content and particularly focusing on educative aspect of video production. We develop and produce exclusive educative and innovative TV programs and animation which are both informatively deep and unique and have unpredictably dramatic and bright storylines.

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TV Markets

MK Media Group takes an active part in international television markets: Mipcom, MipTV, MipDoc, ATF Singapore, Rio Content Market, Discop Africa, Discop Istanbul, MipTV, Mam TV, Natpe, Kiev Media Week, World Content Market and others.


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