Ukrainian content reached Europe, Asia, Africa, Middle East and Latin America

MK Media Group closed this summer new deals with TV and VOD clients. Ukrainian content reached Europe, Asia, Africa, Middle East and Latin America.

The first episodes of the newest title ”Materials for life” (26×7 min,2017, in production) of group’s studio MeetMinds was picked by Swedish Film AB for non-theatrical educational rights. The show is devoted to a relevant topic: the history of interaction between man and a specific material, what these relations led to and what are the ways to solve the well-known problem of waste recycling. “Materials for Life” is planned to be completed on 29 December, 2017.

Edutainment title (co-production of Svoya Production and MeetMinds Studio) for wide audience (core 14+) “Who’s there” (12×7 min,2017) was picked by DaVinci Learning channel for territories of CEE, Asia, Middle East and Africa. “Who is there” is 12 stories about different countries of our planet and bright, sometimes funny facts of their history. “Who’s there” gives answers to curious questions: which city is called “gateway to the Arctic”; the love story of whose king and queen sounds like fairy tale “Cinderella”; where there is a lake, half salty, half fresh; in which country even ice cream can be with pepper; what city has a carpet that weighs 47 tons and much more.

Two more edutainment titles “Infotoy” (26x7min) about history of famous toys and “Paintings of the world” (200×3 min) with shots of famous paintings and short guide information about each went to FreeTV channel TVR Romania.

Animated series “Tales of Aunt Owl” and multi-language encyclopedia for kids “Multipedia with Aunt Owl” with more than 30 hours of educational videos in Ukrainian, English, French, Spanish, Dutch, Polish, Russian reached new platforms: VOD platform OKKO.TV covering Russia and Kazakhstan (OKKO.TV is the Russian based online-cinema) and Brazilian SVOD platform with own application PlayKids of Movile company (covering more than 100 countries).

Fillers or interprograms (duration of episode 2-3 min) from section entertainment/lifestyle worked well for TV channel and VOD platforms: “DoItYourself” (“DIY”), “Unique Home”, “Ideas for life”, “Re:Art” and cooking titles “Carving”, “Secret Ingredient”, “TasTea” and “Tasty Morning” went to Russian channels “Zagorodniy” and “Teleputeshestvija” owned by holding FirstHDTV (1TVCH); meantime “Carving” and “Secret Ingredient” went abroad (Austria, Germany, Switzerland) to VOD platform Watch4.


MK Media Group is Ukrainian based holding founded in 2008 that included MK-Distribution (international distributor of content available for TV, digital, indoor/outdoor rights), production studio MeetMinds, online magazine MediaOwl and footage library

Da Vinci Learning is an innovative and unique educational television channel that aims to bring curious minds of all ages together to celebrate the lifelong journey of learning. Reaching millions of viewers around the world, Da Vinci Learning is broadcast in 16 localised versions across over 100 territories.

1TVCH (First HDTV) is one of the largest TV companies in Russia, specialized in production and distribution of thematic channels for satellite and cable broadcasting.

OKKO.TV is one of the largest Russian based online-cinema

PlayKids, a mobile entertainment and education platform for children that provides entertaining and age-appropriate videos, games, eBooks and lullabies specifically for children aged five and under. from Mobile entertainment company Movile

Societatea Românǎ de Televiziune (Romanian Television Corporation) or TVR is Romanian public television. It operates five channels: TVR1, TVR2, TVR3, TVRi and TVR HD, along with six regional studios in Bucharest, Cluj-Napoca, Iași, Timișoara, Craiova and Târgu Mureș.
Watch4 VOD entertaining platform

Publications: Television Hispana, C21 MediaSeñal Internacional

Some trailers of the shows: