Ukrainian Content Progresses on the International Market Thanks to MK Media Group

MK Media Group continues to prove to the world that it is possible and necessary to work with Ukraine! Over the past two years, there have been new modern media companies actively developing in the country, which can work honestly and take responsibility. They follow the world trends and are able to create high-quality modern content.

The most significant events in the context of globalization in June 2017 MK-Distribution (part of MK Media Group) considers the contracts with two content distributors in the US. According to Artem Zapolskyi, the head of the distribution department, the partners will cover with Ukrainian content more than 70% of cable and satellite TV channels in the United States. Among the package of programs, he focuses on the World in Pictures (100 5-minute episodes, HD), which will be a convenient video guide for any tourist in 100 countries.

The second event is the expansion of opportunities for cooperation in digital space. In June, MK-Distribution sold mobile rights to “Cool Look”, a TV program about beauty (350x12min., HD) to the UK, Spain, Italy, Poland, South Africa, Nigeria and the UAE.

“We are now actively developing cooperation with digital platforms, since this is not only the future, but also the present television. Besides this trend, it is due to the fact that our production is able to make interesting and high quality short content, which is ideal for the platforms. It enables one of our teams to fit the niche,” says Anna Verbovska, the head of the department for work with Latin America and Hispanic countries from MK-Distribution.

MK Media Group is an international group of companies founded in 2007. Today, it has its own TV content production, an international distribution company, as well as a production company providing outsourcing services for large studios and a studio for marketing solutions for commercial companies.