MK Media Group Presents Two Shows at MIP

MK Media Group and its production arm MeetMinds Studio will be presenting two new titles at this year’s MIPTV market: 2D animated edutainment series TerraByte, and puppetry show Mouse Science. MK Media Group has recently completed a rebranding initiative, complete with a fresh website at The multi-level company was launched in 2008 and since built a reputation by distributing content in more than 150 countries and creating 15-plus original productions.

“We are sure that will surprise everyone at MIPTV this April as our two new projects for kids already have huge amount of positive feedbacks from kids TV channels from everywhere. Broadcasters and distributors from USA, Canada, China and Poland are ready to discuss terms and condition of further cooperation,” said Yana Sereda of MK’s PR & Strategic Communication Department. “Unfortunately we cannot divulge their names as it is commercial information, nevertheless it is expected to sign at least two significant deals on broadcasting and distribution with world well known media players. Furthermore, during MIP Markets on April this year we also hope to expand our commercial and creative ties and find more possible partners for coproduction and distribution.”

TerraByte (13 x 11 min.) brings the familiarity of the digital age into a new light for children as it follows a group of characters who live within a virtual world. Each inhabitant has their own unique talents and specific functions, and the main characters are brave guardians tasked with protecting the global information network from malicious viruses, hackers, and annoying spam.

Mouse Science (13 x 11 min.) is a madcap interactive puppet show for kids 4-7, which centers on two highly educated and humorous laboratory mice and their dog assistant who endeavor to answer questions young viewers have about the world. In each episode, the puppets (enthusiastic professor Quiz and reckless lab assistant Chasy) together with a live dog (Hertz, who is also a part-time engineer) answer a question sent in by a child through video message or email, while also introducing rules of safety.

Publications: TTVnews