The 7th October 2016 edition of SSTR will have distribution at markets:

MIPCOM in Cannes, DISCOP – Dubai, NATEXPO & MCA Expo – Moscow

Here are some significant benefits you will derive from placing an advertisement in this edition:

• This edition will give you exposure at THREE markets, as least

• The profile and your advertisement will also appear in the digital edition, reaching 7,000 media


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Who ‘s on the top: The Channel at the TV operator`s service packages
An insightful interview with leading executives at TV Distribution.

The Advertisement`s Art and Craft
An exclusive interview with top executive in production with some secrets and tips of how to make a creative advertisement.

An Outdoors trial: new horizons for media distribution
Media business inside research (distribution).

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The Rose of Winds of the Video Content Distribution
An exclusive interview with leading content distributors from Eastern and Central Europe & Latin America and Asia.

A big deal of publishing business with TTV
Insight research about publishing.

One Dream at the crossroad of two businesses
An unusual & unordinary product`s review with the story of team at interview with Ukrainian Production “Paganel Studio”.

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Making media business at Kazahstan
Regional TV and media market review.

Opening a DIY-channel at OAE
Regional TV and media market & TV format review.

TV Business at Brunei
Regional TV and media market review. About a unique business model.

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“To be” or “to seem”
Insight research and market review of the Ukrainian TV business industry.

A brain of 100%. How many employees use it?
Building a healthy and efficient corporate policy. The valuable advices from a media psychologist.

TOP 5 Tech Trends busting this summer
Where to leads this way?

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AFO – International Festival of Science Film
The ways to grow your brand.

Make it easy: Speeding up Media Business with DIGITAL MARKET
Whereof are speaking all?

ONLINE PIRACY: Content Production vs. Content Thief
The clash of interests.

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The clans of modern audience
Who’s priority for TV?

Broadcasting’s Modes in Stragle for Exsistance
Who benefits and who suffers?