We develop and produce

exclusively educative and innovative TV programs and animation which are both informatively deep and unique and have unpredictably dramatic and bright storylines. We are aiming to cultivate non-ordinary approach while filming, that is why we always have something more to say, something more to show, something more to express for you to be really impressed.

Let’s create and change the world together

There are always our own stories behind the frames: our lives, our experience, our minds and our love we hope to transmit to the audience with help of our creation.

We have produced scripted, non-scripted and factual television programs, commercials; digital content for an array of global networks and platforms, as well as animations and cartoons for the youngest audience.

At the same time, we focus on international co-productions, both as a majority and minority partner and in any other forms of cooperation. In this regard, we invite you to create with us. Let`s make this world a better place to live together.