CHINA Has Opened its Gate to International Partnership in Media Production & Distribution

May 23-25, 2017 (Hangzhou) China had met over 450 participants from 80 companies, covered by 40 journalists from all over world within the frameworks of The MIP China International Content Summit. Unlike other MIP events in Cannes, MIP China was not pitched as a market, but rather as a ‘content summit.’ The event had two strands; ‘Partnership Forum’ involving one-to-one meetings between 40 Chinese executives and 40 international visitors; and a professional training conference spanning international distribution, online video and virtual reality.

As we can see, MIP is growing its potential and influence extremely and this time it was trying to create a newlandscape of world media community getting into its orbit China.  Whatever it means, the event certainly has proved that the whole world has an extreme eager to open Chinese media market as a huge possible audience for their content as well as a source of possible coproduction. Thus, what does it mean for the complete global media industry in general? At the same time, what does it mean for Chinese media market from their point of view? We were trying to find out what was MIP China about and what does China expect from this significant event after all?


We asked for some comments to Lee Dan Annie, who represent Zhejiang Huamai Network Technology Co., Ltd (Zhejiang MegaMedia) — the company which jointly with Reed Midem launched its first MIP-branded event in China (also in partnership with China Media Management Inc. (CMM-I).

Ms. Annie, as I understood, it was the first huge media event of such extent, could you explain us what the reasons were for China to open its media market for foreign content and ideas?

Actually, foreign content could broadcast on the China national TV and streaming media, however it needs to be assured and censored by SAPPRFT (State Administration of press, Publication, Radio, Film and Television of the people’s republic of China). Nowadays, we can noticed that there is a tendency for Chinese TV to look for and seek new foreign partners with new projects to add new elements in programming of Chinese TV. In addition, National TV are also seeking for good formats, for example, TV-shows like “Running Man” and “The Voice of China”. Probably, that is what we are looking for and expecting from MIP China. MIP China is a kind of platform, which gave an opportunity for international companies to find possible industry partners in China and to show their ideas and potential.


Ms. Annie, in fact, we can see that the first MIP China has opened Chinese market for the rest of the world but indeed, it was too short for all media players were able to establish all desirable ties. Let suppose that some company from the farthest corner of the world decided to find some partners for co-production or distribution in China, should they wait for the next MIP China or are there some sources to investigate Chinese media market on this subject? Whom do they need to contact with or ask for information?

You will find the answer to this question on moto of our company: “A Way to China”, which means that MEGAMEDIA is a source of information concerning Chinese media market. It will help you to understand Chinese content and to learn how to make a business with our companies. You can find much information about Chinese buyers and animation/television/documentary production companies on MEGAMEDIA, and contact them directly. Acting as a chancellor for foreign business, we also publish on our platform the latest news on Chinese media industry policies, which may help foreigners to understand rues and restriction, concerned with media industry, better.

In addition, the last question, what was your personal impression from taking a part in MIP China? As participant? As organization? Did you reach your aims? Is there any results of event? Deals? Sales? Partnership Agreements? Were there any mistakes while organization and how do you think what was the best after all?

As an organizer, we were aiming first to arrange properly and promote this event. It was consists of two parts: Partnership Forum and Conference. There were 35 international companies from 18 countries and 45 Chinese companies had made over 400 meetings. Thus, Hangzhou Thunder Animation made a deal with Millimages from France. Except B2B activities, we had arranged outing events for 1 to 1 participants including a visit to Zhejiang Satellite TV and Alibaba Group, followed by a boat tour in the West Lake for networking, which impressed participants deeply.  Now we are going to make some investigations collecting all possible feedbacks from our participants and guests. I think it is highly significant for evaluating our achievements within the past event and, what is more important, to make all necessary improvements while preparing to the next one. We expect to hold MIP CHINA again next year in Hangzhou. We sincerely welcome more oversea companies to join!

In conclusion, we want to express the gratitude to Annie for her highly informative comments. Obviously, the event has an historical meaning at the global stage. It was the first time when China has opened its gates for outer world on such a huge scale. It is remarkable not only for global media industry in general, but also in political aspect; it was an early bird of new era in global policy and the first step on Chinese policy of Closeness melting.