Media-Crafring Laboratory Insider

MK Media Group finally ready to go beyond its limits representing to the world new  brands, new TV content,  new services  and even new approach to their clients comprising everything just in few words  -«out of the box» way of thinking, being, creating, filming and communicating. Let find out what have changed since the rebranding and what plans does MK Media Group have for the nearest future. 

 With 2017 halfway underway, how would you describe the year so far? Any highlights?

I think the best way to describe it — “a year of total transformation”. We have already arranged a deep rebranding, starting from the logos and ending with a new strategy of further development. We were trying to create a new niche at the global market focusing all attention on creating our own and looking for edutainment content which would be interesting and actual for curious audience everywhere all-round the globe.  

Even our slogan shows how far we are going to go in our desire to create a new reality of television and a very new type of content “Out of the box thinking”. We chose for ourselves this way of business – out of the boxes way of thinking, being and creating.

We have an eager to go beyond the limits within the process of creation aiming to give a gift of such “beyond the limits” journey to our audience all over the world.  

Recently we are trying to be focused on content which is not only entertain but also very valuable on the terms of educative value. MeetMinds Studio (the soul and productive part of the company) became more interactive involving on the process of filming more and more audience due to which the audience can felt themselves as a part of the action. Very good example is our puppet-show for kids “Mouse Science “ –  we asking children to send us their questions about everything what they found important and trying to give them answers in a very easy and bright form of science experiments arranged by two highly educated mouses  assisted by  very smart and extremely charming dog. Moreover, we have already finished the process of pre-production of the cartoon “Terabyte” the main action of which is going on inside of the Internet (the real bright world, creatures of which are fighting for security of our online activity).  Thus, we are sure that at the end of this year we will be able to surprise our audience as well as all international media network.

As you can see, this year we made an accent at development of our productive potential. Off course, there are still many challenges on our way: we still looking for contacts in coproduction and we still need to pay more attention to our recognition at global media market. Nevertheless, MK-Distribution (the brain of the company) as usually had shown wonderful results by presenting our new products in Cannas during the MIPTV2017 this spring. Inspired by many good feedbacks from partners and visitors we are confidently making a step ahead and continuing our hard work.

We are sure that as soon as first audience will see the results of our dedication we will open a new page in the history of media market.

What’s in store for the rest of 2017?

As I have told previously we are focused on production and off course in this regards on finding potential partners for coproduction as well as potential clients in distribution.  Currently MeetMinds Studio generalizes ideas and working on six projects: two  of them for our the most smallest audience: cartoon “Terrabyte” (I mentioned it previously) and puppet-show “Mouse Science”, other three for more general curious audience  about history of cars models, the mostly used raw materials and  street games :“Cult Collection”, “Materials for life” and “Battle Games. The last one is very ambitious and serious project with unusual structure of storyline, — docudrama about the most significant moments at history of humankinds, which totally changed the world, — “Unfortuity”. The main idea of the serial is to show how tiny and seemingly insignificant occasions could turn the world and history upside down.

In addition, this year we are planning to launch two new directions of services: “Short Film Packages Distribution” and “Service production” offering to our partners and clients special prices for the rights for the whole package of the program or serial we have in stock and offering a service of content adaptation.

Recently you have announced a distribution deal with Somos for Latin America, what can you tell us about the deal? What are your goals?

Latin America content market is one of our key business direction as the coverage by the audience and possibilities at the region in this regard is quite hard to overestimate.  Consequently we were looking for partners who would be interested to create new fresh offer for their audience, who are looking for new and non-ordinary content and as you can see we already found them.  Somos Distribution has been repeatedly mentioned at media sources as a strong, trustworthy and highly experienced distributor with reputation of pioneer in opening new formats and new states in content production.

We have already signed a deal on the sells of rights for four serials produced by Ukrainian productions. They are “The Jeweler Clan», “Stairway to Heaven», “Marusya” and “Katya’s love”. For example, “Stairway to Heaven» is one the most successful adaptation of the Korean TV format.  In its turn other tree position are the own formats of TRK which also have very powerful elaborated screenplays and deep characters. Thus, we hope that your audience very soon will see the regional adaptation of them or may be even original versions of serials from Ukraine. We think it is a great breakthrough for Ukrainian content production and is one of the firs birds for our global mission – to prove that Ukrainian content is worthy to be seen and shown everywhere in the world.

In this sense, what’s the importance of Latin America on your distribution strategy?

As I have told before we are trying to bust our presence at the global content market and Latin America is the region of vital importance in this regard. Any way we have very significant advantage comparing with others: we create a content of general-purpose, which would be understandable and clear, interesting and illuminative for any curious audience at any corner of the world. At the same time it does not require special adaptation or easily fitted to the purposes of the client, regardless of state or region.  Usually, they are fillers or voiceless content oriented on general values with strong educative component. As we can see Latin America more and more follows the tendency of openness for the international product. Moreover, more attention and sources are already focused on new screens, digital rights (VOD, OTT, and mobile rights, at cet).  In other words we are extremely interested in showing our products to the audience of this region.

 How do you think Latin Audiences will react to MK content?

It is always hard to predict the reaction of the audience at the very start of our presence at this region, nevertheless, as a proof of our further success we have already received many enthusiastic comments and feedbacks concerning the quality of our content: bright and juicy picture, quality of filming, storylines and ideas in general.

Obviously, that the factor of mentality and specific of each audience is very important for further success of the product. Consequently, at our new projects we are trying to pay more and more attention to these significant details.  Any way we sincerely hope to give something new for Latin audience and impress them with our characters, stories and ideas.

Moreover, we think that one of our advantages on this market could be some similarities at our moral values. We are the same hot-blooded, emotional and family oriented society as Latins are and sometimes even can cry during the film watching. Actually, I think it is the main reason why Brazilian soup serials are so much adorable by our audience.

What do you think makes content from «less traditional countries» appealing for the region?

As a first reason of it I would say it is globalization in general. World became more and more close. The borders and all differences which separate us before are vanishing gradually and values for all people became more general and common. We could be very far from each other in space and at the same time very close sharing one values and interests.  And we are using this factor while he creating of our content – we apply to the common values of humanity such as global challenges, universal problems of humanity. We apply to the factors which unite us and quench the thirst of knowledge in different aspects of life and being. Besides, we always add some small piquancy to all our products, small element which make our content and us unique.  We always have something to say to the world and we just have found a way to do this.