Let's tell the story together

We are always open for co-production projects oriented to the foreign market.We invite you to meet the General Producer of MeetMinds Studio to discuss our prospective cooperation.Are you interested? Then find out how we work:

We will work together if you are ready to "adjust" to the requirements of the international TV market. This concerns the conceptual, artistic and technical parts.

We will certainly involve you in developing the concept of the project.

You do preproduction, make graphics or shoot, we deal with post production and sales.

We sell fully finished and pre-sale projects.

Our studio is engaged in the co-production of edutainment projects for children and adults, documentary programs and films, fillers (for example, 100 episodes 3-minute long). We do not deal with production of feature films and series.

Meeting deadlines is crucial for us.

If you are satisfied with our principles of work, we look forward to your visit to create Live stories together.